Talking about Gun fu in fiction and real life

Keanu Reeves training for John Wick 2

John Wick has captured the imagination of movie goers, especially the actor Keanu Charles Reeves.
The movie follows John Wick a retired professional assassin, searching for the men who broke into his home, stole his car and killed his puppy. The problem for the men whose leader is the son of the Russian Mob, John Wick was not a nobody but the most dangerous assassin you sent to kill the bogey man… When you think about it, yeah they are screwed.

The first movie didn’t had the cult following it originally did, earning about $88.8 million, against a production budget of $20-30 million which made it a commercial success from it’s early prediction of $7–8 million most analysts projected. But it was the Training Footage of Keanu Reeves Firearms training that gave it the cult following.

Director John Woo

The realistic, smooth and action packed shooting scene in John Wick is reminiscence to Gun Fu a fictional style of sophisticated close-quarters Gunfight resembling a martial arts battle from a Hong Kong. Which back then was a niche in Western Movies and Hollywood, especially Director John Woo who directed some movies but is considered a niche Director in the US.

But in Hong Kong the Gun Fu genre is well known in Hong Kong Cinematography, known as Heroic bloodshed, the genre is usually in action cinema and crime film revolving around stylized action sequences and dramatic themes such as brotherhood, duty, honor, redemption and violence.

From A Better Tomorrow (1986) to John Wick the Gun Fu genre had became popular worldwide, and we have to thank John Woo for inventing the martial art.

Gun Fu in Real Life?

The idea of using firearms as melee weapons isn’t new at all, in fact it was a must that a soldier must be able to switch from his musket to his sword if engage in close quarters combat, the advent of the Bayonet changed that. The Bayonet turned your musket into a spear immediately, which allowed soldiers to lighten their loads from their swords to carry more ammunition, but this isn’t the martial art, this is spear fighting.

The original Gun Fu is Combat pistol shooting, which is a modern martial art that focuses on the use of the handgun as a defensive weapon for self defense or as a offensive weapon. Invented by Shanghai Municipal Police, Captain William E. Fairbairn and Sergeant Eric A. Sykes who developed the innovative pistol shooting techniques force, as the old target shooting technique which was proven useless in the old crime ridden City Shanghai.

This would latter evolved into Practical shooting in which unites the three principles of precision, power and speed, by using a firearm of a certain minimum power factor to score as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time or at a maximum amount of time. This style of shooting are divided into stages, and are shot individually by the shooters, which has the shooter to shoot from several positions, fire under or over obstacles and in other unfamiliar positions as there are no standard exercises or set arrangement of the targets, and the courses are often designed so that the shooter must be inventive, and therefore the solutions of exercises sometimes varies between shooters.

How Gun Fu is used in real life? You don’t do the fancy aerobatics that some movies liked to used.
The Fact Gun Fu in real life is more of using your environment to your advantage, from cover to speed, you use those to your advantage. Most tactical teams wouldn’t use the more eye catching moves but moves grounded in reality.