Don’t expect anything inspirational about these quotes.

“I don’t see anything inspirational about these quotes.”

– B-Baka

“He could probably afford to be an evil genius.”

“If the bird doesn’t sing, strap it to a thermonuclear warhead and shove the timer in it’s face.”

– RandomPersonWithComputer

“What was Germany smoking when they came up with this, and do they have any left?”

“Abandon ship, Admirals and alcohol first!”

– Falkeno

“This triggers the Falkeno.”

“Her first sensation was that she things.”

“There’s something wrong with our bloody axons today.”

– PointlessArrow “StickmanReiter”

“Madness could mean either failure or victory.”

“We are all a little mad inside… you just haven’t found yours yet.”

– MagicalGeek

“There is no right in war. There is only evil and lesser evil. You leave your ethics at the door or you die.”

“What’s morality compared to the internet”

– LadyPearl